Kansas City Athlete Training offering speed and agility group classes and personal training for youth and high school boys and girls in Kansas City Missouri

  • Kansas City Athlete Training

    At Kansas City Athlete Training, we offer athletic performance training for all sports. We train boys and girls, from youth through high school , offering speed and agility group classes, personal training, and sports specific group classes.



    Our goal is to teach our athletes that effort is the key to getting results. Our motto is: Hard Work = Improvement = Success. Give us your best and you will get the results. For youth athletes attending Speed and Agility Class, we present an Effort Champion belt. Recognizing athletes for their effort builds confidence. The Effort Champion is selected by the coaches training class and awarded to the athlete who worked the hardest, was coachable, and didn’t give up and we post a picture of our weekly winners on our Kansas City Athlete Training Facebook Page.

    Past Effort Champions for their effort and work ethic during one of our Speed and Agility Classes held at Kansas City Athlete Training Facility in Kansas City Missouri